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Jacob Perrin

SLE NAME:  Jacob Perrin
Current position: Class teacher, English Lead. Current school: Park Academy
Current phase and year group teaching in: Year 6 (10-11 years)
Current leadership responsibility: English Lead
Area (s) of expertise: English as an Additional Language

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: (max 300 words)


As current English lead for our Academy, I am responsible for ensuring pupils make consistently good (or better) progress in reading and writing. As such, I regularly look to identify areas for development so that all pupils can make progress. Language acquisition is one integral part of this and can often be challenging for professionals to accommodate and feel confident in.


Last year, I worked alongside other professionals with the BELL Foundation to develop a clear understanding of language proficiency and its impact on learners accessing the curriculum. During this time, I was responsible for leading CPD sessions on EAL learners including sessions on Differentiation, Comprehensible English and Assessment Frameworks for EAL learners. Recently, I gained a silver level accreditation with the Foundation.


Furthermore, I have also worked with Newly Qualified Teachers to help educate new staff on the importance of EAL learners and implemented classroom strategies that positively impact on EAL pupils’ development of language, especially in Key Stage 2. This has involved providing quality 1 on 1 coaching, planning workshops and working collaboratively with others to ensure that good classroom practice is shared. In addition, I have also worked with our Teaching School to develop resources for our EAL portal, designed to help schools adapt to changes within this area.


Recently, I have begun work on the EAL Pathway through Connect and the Language for Results Project from the Bell Foundation, designed to audit school provision and plan in manageable steps to support schools in this area of learning.















Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment: (150 words)


Since beginning my career in the Boston area, I have always had a keen interest in English as an Additional Language and the process of language acquisition. I am passionate about teaching and always look to ensure that first quality teaching occurs within my classroom in our school.


My motivation to take on the role of SLE stems from the challenges we often face in relation to EAL. With this in mind, I hope to actively participate in developing strategies and processes that can be implemented to support children in accessing the curriculum so that EAL learner’s outcomes are in no way limited or capped.


I look forward to working with other professionals in this area and hope to continually develop my own knowledge and understanding of language and ultimately, share good EAL practice so that all children within our settings can succeed.





English as an Additional Language


There are now over 1.5 million learners in English schools who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL). In the Boston area we have seen the population double in less than 7 years, many of the new children to our schools are EAL speakers.

Our experience in supporting these children to access the English language, and therefore the curriculum, has been honed over a number of years and our ability to initiate above average progress for these learners has been recognised in our designation as a Centre of Expertise by the Bell Foundation.

The Bell Foundation’s main focus is to work with partners on innovation, research, training and practical interventions.  By generating and applying evidence, we aim to change practice, policy and systems for children, adults and communities in the UK disadvantaged through language.

The Bell Foundation’s flagship EAL Programme aspires to improve the educational outcomes of children who have English as an Additional Language, in order to benefit the individual child and society as a whole.

Language for Results is a long term, not for profit, evaluated training intervention designed by The Bell Foundation which seeks to improve the attainment of children who speak English as an Additional Language (EAL) by developing the knowledge and skills of school staff. The intervention is informed by research on EAL educational achievement and school approaches to the education of EAL students carried out by leading universities.

Connect TSA have four trained Bell Foundation Licensed Practitioners (BFLPs)who are licensed to deliver Language for Results as well as individual Bell Foundation EAL training modules which can be tailored to support other school needs.

Benefits for schools

  • Our BFLPs will support senior leaders and review current EAL policies and provision, highlighting areas of effective practice and areas for development.
  • We will create a bespoke implementation plan for your school identifying CPD, workshops, one-to-one support training which includes specific guidance on EAL assessment.
  • Resources to support staff will be identified and training given on how to effectively utilise them in the classroom.
  • There will be consistent and thorough evaluation of the effectiveness, quality and impact of the interventions.

Outcomes for schools

  • Sustainable EAL provision embedded as part of a whole school, integrated approach to supporting EAL learners and teaching staff.
  • Staff will be more confident and appropriately skilled to support children with EAL.
  • Schools quickly become local ‘experts’ and can support other schools.
  • Schools become better connected to local communities.

For information about the bespoke support our BFLPs can provide and the resources available, please contact or telephone: 01205 312153.


News Update

Welcome to our update 4th May 2020

Continuing with our wish to support our alliance schools please find further information that may be helpful.

Specialist Leaders in Education recruitment (SLEs)

If you are, or you know anyone who is, career ready to join our team of SLEs please take a look at our website for information on key criteria for the role.  By clicking here you will find comprehensive information on the role, along with the application form and a guidance document to support you in the process.

Keep Connected

Look out for our first summer publication of Keep Connected – there is a range of useful information and signposting included.

Remote learning advice and guidance

This is a really useful blog with guidance around best practice –

EEF research on remote learning –

Home learning support for parents

Help parents to navigate social distancing and school closures with quality media and at-home learning opportunities for their children.

Home learning resources for schools to use

Here you have 40+ remote learning solutions from Estonia, Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden:

Get 60 days full access to all paid-for features from Learning by Questions including: instant pupil feedback, automatic marking and lesson analysis when using LbQ with pupil devices.

Engage students in lessons and at home with simple to use everyday learning activities.

Spiral requires no integration with your school LMS and takes seconds for your students to actively participate in live lessons and assignments

NQTs and completion of induction

The latest DfE guidance on NQT Induction year is supported by a resource produced by LTT – this includes a letter to explain the rationale, comprehensive guidance on how to evidence teacher standards while not in school and an optional resource to support self directed development.  Click here to access this on the Connect website.

SCITT trainees and course completion

Many thanks for the support so many of you continue to offer SCITT trainees.  They are incredibly appreciative of any ways in which they have continued to be involved in the life of your schools.  If you have any concerns about any aspect of their training or key concerns about their welfare please do get in touch with

Recruitment for September

Please let us know of any positions you wish to advertise for September and we will promote them as widely as possible via our website, via the LTT website and also to our wider contacts.  Remember if you do have positions coming up don’t forget to list them on

Here to help

Again, if there is anything that you need Connect to provide by way of advice, updates, guidance, signposting or moral support please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Email to or will be answered within 24 hours.

Welcome to our update 2nd April 2020

We hope this finds you in good health and fine spirits.  It certainly helps that Spring seems to be here!  Continuing with our wish to support our alliance schools please find further information that may be helpful.

Concern about vulnerable children not in schools

According to information about 80% of children in schools are those of key workers.  Clearly the vulnerable are not accessing the support that they would need more than most.  ASCL are doing a piece of work on this and would like those who are successfully drawing these children in to share ideas and strategies.

If are having particular success with this please could you share with Connect and also please email any thoughts to placing ‘VULNERABLE’ in the subject line..

For those of you with children in Years 11 and 13

ASCL summary on teacher assessment this summer:,-summer-2020-30-March-2020.pdf

Home learning

Explaining Coronavirus in Makaton

ThinkUKnow have launched #OnlineSafetyAtHome to support parents and carers during COVID-19 and the closure of schools. Each fortnight, they will be releasing new home activity packs with simple 15 minute activities parents/carers can do with their child to support their online safety at a time when they will spending more time online at home.  The packs are for the full age range from 4+.

Please share this information & link below with your colleagues

ThinkUKnow Online Safety at Home Resources


To support schools during these difficult time, podcaster Dave Jackson has created an ’emergency podcasting for teachers’ how-to guide.

Find the Emergency podcasting for teachers guide here:

NQTs and completion of induction

Latest advice yesterday from the DfE is that schools will be expected to complete the Final Assessment for their NQTs in the usual timeframe.  For those who are not on a trajectory currently to meet Teacher Standards by the end of the academic year an extension for the autumn term will be given.  The TRA has indicated that they expect NQT returns to be submitted for Assessment Point 2 as usual and Appropriate Bodies will have to share the outcomes of these for the data collection deadline.  Please ensure that your NQT induction mentors have put their assessment documents together and returned them to the Appropriate Body.  The extended deadline is 24th April 2020.

We anticipate questions around the gathering of evidence over the next few months to demonstrate the meeting of Teacher Standards and expect that more advice will be forthcoming.  Watch this space!

Below is the link to the DfE advice


Current SCITT trainees and course completion

Extracts from the latest DfE guidance:

DfE will enable ITT providers to make judgements on trainees based on assessments already completed and each trainee’s current trajectory of progress towards meeting the Teachers’ Standards. Trainees making progress towards the Teachers’ Standards should be recommended for QTS, where the ITT provider judges that the trainee would have completed their ITT course successfully. Further guidance will be provided as soon as possible for those trainees not judged to be making adequate progress and who were unlikely to have met the Teachers’ Standards by the end of their ITT course.

The ITT criteria and supporting advice can be viewed on

We will provide further advice and support on managing current trainees and recruitment to new ITT courses in due course.

The current advice is that trainees should not be impeded by the Coronavirus in their completion of the training year.  Significant inroads have been made into the training programme going forward and there are further refinements to come.  Please be assured there will be rigour in this but also be aware that classroom practise will have been significantly curtailed.  Connect plans to put a programme of CPD and support in place to ensure schools are well supported with their NQTs next academic year.

SCITT recruitment for 20\21

Extracts from the latest DfE guidance:

As everyone stays at home to ease the pressure on the NHS and help save lives, we encourage ITT providers to continue recruiting to ITT courses due to start in the next academic year. Providers should consider how they can adapt their normal recruitment practices to abide by social distancing guidance. For example, providers should consider remote interviews and the removal of any classroom exercises

Teacher Recruitment for September

After Easter we anticipate that schools will start to advertise their posts.  We are now in possession of information from our trainees about the areas in which they would like to find positions so can now really effectively signpost them to schools.

A reminder that if you do have positions coming up please let us know so we can promote them with our trainees and don’t forget to list them on

Well being for all

Kyra have been working with Mobilise to put together well being resources for staff, parents and children.  They have offered this out to colleagues.  You may find some of the links and reading useful for yourselves, but do also feel free to share with your stakeholders.

Zoom – a free bonus!

If you have Basic Zoom is offering to remove the 40 minute time limit for schools.  All you need to do is go to the website and fill in a small form to confirm you are from a school.

Here to help

Again, if there is anything that you need Connect to provide by way of advice, updates, guidance, signposting or moral support please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Email to or will be answered within 24 hours.

Finally Happy Easter to all!  Let’s hope the weather is kind and that we can see the future a bit more clearly by the end of the break.

Welcome to our update 25th March 2020

Continuing with our wish to support our alliance schools please find further information that may be helpful.


Government guidance on social distancing in education settings

For advice on how to maintain social distancing in your setting please click on the link below:


Home learning

The website also provides resources for home learning and they are free – this may be something to share with teachers and parents.

Staff CPD via Podcast  

If you would like a suggestion for how staff might use their time to develop as professionals we have been advised that The Teacher’s Podcast is a tool which can support this. This can be found at  Listeners engage in an ‘easy to follow’ conversation which is enlightening and further develops understanding of and approaches to teaching.


NQTs and completion of induction

We are aware that many of you and NQTs feel uncertain about the completion of the NQT year and we are trying very hard to get guidance from the TRA so that we can tell you what the official approach will be. LTT are working together to gather information and to formulate a response that can be shared with all stakeholders.  As soon as we have this, we will update you.


SCITT trainees and course completion

In terms of additional guidance about the gaining of QTS the government has yet to produce anything further.  We are looking very carefully at the training plan going forward to ensure that trainees get the most they can from the current situation and are as prepared as they can be for September.


Recruitment for September

While schools are very much in the response phase to COVID 19 recruitment just now is unlikely to be a priority.  Our SCITT provider has requested that trainees pass contact information to them so that we can communicate effectively with schools once recruitment is on the agenda.  We will work closely with colleagues to establish a way of interviewing robustly in a time of social distancing.  Meanwhile if you do have positions coming up please let us know so we can promote them with our trainees and don’t forget to list them on


Here to help

Again, if there is anything that you need Connect to provide by way of advice, updates, guidance, signposting or moral support please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Email to or will be answered within 24 hours.

Welcome to our update 20th March 2020

Continuing with our wish to support our alliance schools please find further information that may be helpful.

Government guidance on vulnerable children and key sector workers
For information on who constitutes as vulnerable children and key sector workers please click on the link below:

Update to members on education provision from ASCL – your own unions will have done something similar

The government has published overnight its list of ‘key occupations’ that are prioritised for educational provision from Monday. I think it’s fair to say that it’s rather more extensive than we might have expected.

Here’s our advice:

The message to parents has to be that they should only send their child to school if there is no safe alternative. This is the first principle of the government guidance. Provision in school is the last resort. We have sent out this message in a statement to the media this morning.
You decide which parents to offer provision. If you receive additional requests beyond this then it is your call. You can only do what you can do within the resources that are available to you.

Home learning and EAL learners

As a Bell Foundation Centre of Expertise we have received advice in relation to EAL learners. They have asked that we circulate the links below in order to provide potential solutions on how to support EAL learners.

• Nexus resources
• NALDIC have published a curated list of resources for use by EAL learners and their families during school closures on the EALjournal blog here

SCITT trainees and supporting in schools

Fee paying trainees can volunteer to support in your schools but they cannot be directed to do so as they are not employees. Connect would encourage them to volunteer providing they are not required at home to look after children, that they are well and that it would not compromise a vulnerable person in their household. We ask that they are not used at all on Thursdays as this is when they will be in receipt of training still. Salaried trainees are your employees and as such can be directed.

Here to help

Finally, if there is anything that you need Connect to provide by way of advice, updates, guidance, signposting or moral support please do not hesitate to get in touch. Email to or will be answered within 24 hours.

Welcome to a news update

Following recent announcements Connect has collated a range information that may support schools going forward.  You are likely to have received much in the way of advice and information from a variety of bodies already but this is an attempt to put some of it together in a one stop shop.  The intention is to update things as they happen.

Connect day-to-day

As with other teaching alliances all face to face CPD, events, deployments and training have been cancelled.  Once things begin to settle down and there is some sense of normality returning we will revisit all of these and share what the new schedule will be.  In the meantime we are exploring alternative means of operating remotely.

School action to support national priorities

ASCL have advised a 3 phase approach which may help prioritise incredible workload for you as school leaders.

Phase 1 Get to Easter.  Provide some semblance of education for two groups of pupils: the children of key workers and ‘vulnerable’ pupils. Both of these definitions will be clarified shortly.

Phase 2 Plans to keep provision going for some young people over Easter. This is wholly uncharted territory and it will be best to give this more consideration next week.

Phase 3 Beyond Easter build a more joined-up form of provision, with collaboration across schools and colleges, strategically deploying teachers, teaching assistants and other staff with a programme of learning that we’ve had more time to plan. The hope is that local headteacher groups, or their existing locality partnerships, will try to work together to create a sustainable service for children and young people.  If, as a school, you wish to reach out to others Connect can support with this.

Home learning

You will have already spent hours putting together work packs and signposting online resources to parents in order to support home learning.  A few are shared below that have been identified by LTT members.  If you have ideas you would like to share please let us know and we can put them on the website and out by email.

BBC Teach has many online resources available for primary and secondary for free – click here to find out more

In response to the ongoing situation PhonicsPlay have decided to make their resources FREE to use during this period. Children can use the site at home without their parents needing to subscribe. To access the resources all you need to do is log on using the following details:

Username: march20
Password: home

Click here to find out more

Learn to draw with Rob Biddulph – he will be posting some draw-along videos online that parents could watch with their children and, hopefully, make some nice pictures. Click here or follow Rob on Twitter and Instagram – @RobBiddulph on Twitter and @rbiddulph on Instagram.

SCITT Trainees (agreed with LTSA):

Steps are being taken to ensure that trainee outcomes are not compromised by issues caused by COVID 19.  Advice to date is that all face to face training ceases.  With regards to coming weeks and assessment the DfE should be issuing advice.  When we get this it will be uploaded to the website and emailed out.


We are extending the assessment submission deadline from 27th March 2020 to the 24th April 2020 in order to support schools already under tremendous pressure.

We encourage you to try and complete this form with the evidence that you will have gathered up until now so the NQTs can secure the second assessment period.

For NQTs who started at a different point in the year with a different submission date, we will inform you of any changes in our next announcement after the Easter break – please be assured that we are working very hard, in collaboration with LTT (Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together) to manage any potential changes to induction.  Below you will find a summary of the established Teacher Registration Agency position on NQT induction: 

The length of the induction period should ordinarily be three full terms of the institution in which induction is begun. Any extended absence over 29.5 days can lead to an extension of the induction period, allowing NQTs to finish their induction programmes as well as sufficient time to demonstrate satisfactorily meeting the Teachers’ Standards. Ultimately the appropriate body has to be satisfied that the teacher has met the Teachers’ Standards.

In the current exceptional circumstances we can expect this to be amended and will share advice as it comes in via our website and email.

Here to help

Finally, if there is anything that you need Connect to provide by way of advice, updates, guidance, signposting or moral support please do not hesitate to get in touch.  Email to or will be answered within 24 hours.