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Maths Project LAMP 19

LAMP19 is the maths focused school improvement programme in Lincolnshire targeted at raising KS2 attainment through effective implementation of the evidence-based practice addressed in the EEF guidance document ‘Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 and 3’.

Strategies addressed target classroom teaching and learning as well as strategic subject leadership raising the confidence of maths for both children and teachers across the school.

The integrated structure of the project weaves the Core PLC structure of networks, focussing on the EEF Recommendations, within leadership support for senior leaders in school together with direct approach to new and proven teaching strategies to ensure embedded learning of the subject.

Underpinning the programme is the methodology of sustained school improvement to empower staff to structure the school’s approach to delivery ensuring a viable, sustainable and effective approach to teaching maths within the curriculum.

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To register your school for the project please contact stss@connect-tsa.net or ring 01205 312153.