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Newly Qualified Teacher Induction

Register your NQTs HERE for the next academic year, or please feel free to contact us via our enquiry form.

Connect NQT Induction Flyer

Connect Teaching School Alliance is an Appropriate Body for the Statutory Induction and provides support for Newly Qualified Teachers.

An NQT’s statutory induction period is the bridge between their initial teaching training and a successful career in the teaching profession. It combines a personalised programme of development, support and professional dialogue with focus on monitoring and assessment against the Teacher Standards. The induction programme supports the NQT in demonstrating their performance against the relevant standards is satisfactory by the end of the process, ensuring the teacher is equipped with all the tools to be effective and successful teachers.

As the Appropriate Body, Connect TSA will undertake all the statutory duties listed below, starting with the registration of the NQT with the National College for Teaching and Learning (NCTL).

For a rate of £300 per NQT per year. Our NQT Induction ‘Offer’ consists of:

• Initial registration with NCTL through the Connect TSA Registration form
• Mentor and NQT files provided with electronic Induction manuals and forms*
• Welcome Event/Induction Training for the NQT
• Induction training for NQT with their School based Mentor
• NQT Hub meetings
• Email update reminders for Assessment dates
• Electronic collation of key paperwork
• Evaluation of Induction programme and improvements implemented to meet the needs of our NQT cohort.
• Advice and documentation provided when the NQT is judged to be a ‘Cause for Concern’ and at risk of not reaching necessary standards to pass their induction year.
• Signposting additional support/training for NQTs assessed to be needing additional support to meet the required Teacher Standards**
• Reporting to NCTL on progress and final outcome of the NQT induction year

Our experienced induction team is available to support both NQT and their mentors during this induction period. We encourage you to make contact if you have any queries or require any support at any stage.

Key Dates and Deadlines for September 2018 Registration

Induction Training for NQTs:

July 3th 2018 – 3.45pm – NQTs and school Mentors are invited to join us at Connect TSA for an introductory session about the practicalities, roles and responsibilities of the NQT Induction programme.

September 18th 2018 – Repeated session (see above)

Twilight ‘taster’ sessions and NQT Network Clusters will be held on:

9th October,   15th January,   12th March,   14th May,   9th July


2018-2019 Assessment due to Connect TSA
Term 1 14 December 2018
Term 2 29th March 2019
Term 3 Final Assessment
12th July 2019

To register for any of our NQT Support Programmes please email nqt@connect-tsa.net

For a printable summary of our NQT events for 2018-2019 click here

NQT Downloads – for currently registered NQTs and their mentors

Please see our NQT Downloads page for more information.