Leadership Development

The Boston Witham Academies Federation is committed to ensuring the highest levels of attainment and progress for all children. In securing this objective,  the most important resources the trust has is its team of dedicated and committed staff.
As an organisation, we are determined to provide high quality Continuing Professional Development for all – with the ambition of providing unrivalled career opportunities and succession planning within the trust.
We are delighted therefore, to introduce our Aspiring Leaders Programme which provides a clear leadership pathway to those with an ambition to lead.

The Aspiring Leaders Pathway is designed to support your career development.

It offers high performing teachers a coordinated, supported framework of leadership opportunities as they progress through four key career stages:

  • NQT to Recently Qualified Teacher
  • RQT to Middle Leadership
  • Middle Leadership to Senior Leadership
  • Senior Leadership to Headship and Trust Leadership

These stages have been developed to celebrate outstanding teaching and are accompanied by bespoke mentoring and coaching as well as professional growth opportunities.

We want to make sure that our excellent teachers are able to progress in their careers and are given the opportunities and recognition commensurate with their increasing effectiveness.


How will the Aspiring Leaders Pathway support our children’s progress?

  • By helping to set clear standards though expert mentoring and coaching we will raise the bar for instructional excellence across our local schools
  • By retaining talented teachers through recognition and rewards
  • By reinforcing the value our schools place on ‘Quality First’ teaching
  • By undertaking active research into best practice, we will stay at the forefront of educational excellence

Why choose the Aspiring Leaders Pathway?

  • Our aim is to ensure we retain high quality, motivated teachers and leaders in our local schools to give our children the best learning opportunities possible.
  • Supporting the development of effective leaders in our schools is a priority.
  • Our career pathway offers a structured framework of opportunities to encourage excellent teachers to extend their impact across more local schools.
  • The pathway is designed to maintain and motivate teachers with a clear career progression and recognition of success.
  • The pathway offers a vision of leadership opportunities for teachers without leaving the classroom.


The Four Tiers of Leadership

The Aspiring Leaders Pathway is designed to support our teachers at each stage of their professional development towards Senior Leadership roles, with bespoke training to ensure we have leaders with the skills and knowledge that benefits children in our local schools.

We will also support staff on regional and national programmes, signposting professional qualifications (NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH) , Local Leader of Education, National Leader of Education opportunities as well as academic offers through the University of Lincoln.

How long will it take to complete each pathway tier?

Tiers 1 and 2 of the pathway are scheduled to be completed within one academic year. Induction sessions will run in September, with further workshops and training through the year. Gap tasks are set between each training session.
Tier 3 ‘Stepping up to Headship’ is a two year programme and involves a comprehensive preparation for the role of Head of School, including human resource, finance and data management.


Where do I start on the Aspiring Leaders Pathway?

Our ‘quick check’ guide will you identify  where your previous experience will enable you to begin on the BWAF Aspiring Leaders Pathway.

Tier 1: Steps to Middle Leadership

Applicants will be able to show:
  • Minimum of 3 years successful classroom practice
  • A proven record of your own effective practice through pupil progress
  • You may have led a whole school initiative
  • You may have been a non-core subject leader
  • You may have been involved in developing others e.g. an ITT in-school mentor, run your year group Teaching Assistant team
  • You are likely to have led some extra-curricular activities e.g. clubs, initiatives
  • You will have shown initiative within your role e.g. volunteering to shadow a book scrutiny, assisting TA groups, run assemblies etc.

Tier 2: Steps to Senior Leadership

Applicants will be able to show:
  • Minimum of 5 years successful, effective classroom practice
  • A proven record of consistent pupil progress
  • You will have led a core subject for at least two years
  • You will be able to show effective and positive impact on others e.g. ITT/NQT mentoring, TAs, year group partners
  • You may have led or had an integral part of a research project e.g. Mobilise, Maths Hub TRG and show a positive impact of your involvement
  • You may be a school governor
  • You may be part of the school’s SLT as a subject lead or co-ordinator e.g. Intervention Lead
  • You are likely to have contributed to or delivered training for ITT/NQT programmes
  • You will be able to show whole school impact of your action

Tier 3: Steps to Headship

Applicants will be able to show:
  • Minimum of 7 years successful, consistent positive impact on pupil progress
  • Experience working across the school and show evidence of sustained positive impact on pupil progress
  • You may be a Specialist Leader of Education
  • You may be a core subject Moderator
  • You are likely to have led a school-based research initiative and demonstrate sustained impact on the practice
  • You are likely to have delivered training or workshops as part of our Alliance programmes e.g. ITT,NQT, SL Networks etc
  • You are likely to have worked with the governing body of your school
  • You may be working on your National SENDCo qualification
  • You are likely to be involved with Performance Management of others e.g. TAs.

Tier 4: Headship and beyond

Applications considered on an individual basis, please contact us for more information.

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