David Flynn

David Flynn

Class Teacher, KS1 Lead, Maths and ICT Lead

Current position:

Class Teacher, KS1 Lead, Maths and ICT Lead

Current school:

Sibsey Free Primary School

Current phase and year group teaching in:

Year 2/3

Current leadership responsibility:

Key Stage 1, Maths and ICT.

Area(s) of expertise:

Assessment, Leadership of CPD, School business management and finance management, Leadership of curriculum, ICT, Maths, SEND, ITT, NQT, behaviour and discipline.

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

I have recently led our KS1 team through several changes to galvanise a common and effective approach to learning. This has involved developing positive working relationships and supporting new teachers to the school. The new mathematics and computing curriculum have been at the centre of my recent leadership which has required an outstanding knowledge of the curriculum, the developmental stages of mathematics learning and an ability to inspire and inform colleagues, parents and governors.

I am highly committed and keen to become involved in supporting colleagues across schools. I have had experience of this whilst working with colleagues of our partner schools. I believe the opportunity to become involved in SLE deployment would give me a chance to support colleagues with school improvement as I have done whilst working on improving writing projects, cross school moderation and in cross school lesson studies. My experience as a headteacher has helped me develop an analytical approach to identifying needs and prioritise areas for development.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

I believe that the key focus of leadership is to inspire greatness in others, to build a team to ensure that children receive the best education that we can give them. The art of leadership is in enabling others to succeed and achieve, and to make a difference, whether that be children in my class or members of my staff team.  I have found that the impact I can have through other people has been considerably greater than I can achieve on my own. Of course there are vital skills that need to go with this to ensure it happens:  listening, learning, guiding, leading, being focused and clear; and giving time and resources to enable goals to be achieved. I believe it is now time to start to use my leadership skills and considerable experience, to have a wider professional impact and make a difference outside my class room and school, by working with and supporting other schools; as well as learning from their best practice to improve my own work and my own school in the constant drive to get the best outcomes for children.