John Slater

John Slater

Class Teacher, Teaching and Learning Lead

Current position:

Class Teacher, Teaching and Learning Lead

Current school:

Spalding Monkhouse Primary

Current phase and year group teaching in:

Year 6

Current leadership responsibility:

Teaching and Learning Lead

Area(s) of expertise:

English, Year 6.

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

As the Academy’s Teaching and Learning Leader I have been responsible for the development of English across the school. My role has required me specifically to lead the improvement of writing to ensure that the staff team work together to create an outstanding learning experience for the children. Using moderation of books, pupil interviews and staff workshops I established the school improvement plan for the subject which I have delivered through the Big Write. I ran PDMs to work with teaching staff to support them to change children’s attitudes to writing and further worked with teachers to raise the standards of marking and feedback. Personal target setting has given children ownership of their learning and supported them in being enthusiastic to raise their standards. Further work on SPAG has included mentoring NQTs, delivering model lessons and leading pupil progress meeting have all contributed to the effective raising of standards seen across the school. A very positive impact of my work is the increase in confidence that colleagues have in their own delivery of English across the curriculum.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

The opportunity to lead and develop the teaching and learning of English in settings other than my own is exciting. Having taught in schools in different localities, I have seen the benefits of having colleagues support school improvement and it is an area of my leadership that I look forward to expanding.

Through listening to the experiences and the ideas of others as well as putting my own ideas and initiatives in place, I have developed a deeper understanding of when to lead and when to encourage others to lead. I have found this to be crucial in developing teacher and colleague confidence as well as being key in inspiring further developments. I prize the terms ‘Team’ and ‘Inspiration’, two of the words that are central to a school-led, collaborative ethos that I am looking forward to being part of in the future.