Rachel Sykes

Rachel Sykes

Maths Trust Lead

Current position:

Maths Trust Lead

Current school:


Current phase and year group teaching in:

Not applicable

Current leadership responsibility:

Maths Trust Lead

Area(s) of expertise:

Maths, Assessment and Leadership of the Curriculum

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

I have been teaching in Primary Education for 16 years and during this time I have been a Maths Subject Leader, Key Stage Two Lead and Head of Academy.  Whilst teaching, I was responsible for delivering Maths to both Year 6 classes up until last June (2016).

As a Maths Lead I was responsible for ensuring a broad and balanced Maths curriculum throughout the school.  I planned and delivered PDMs, reviewed planning formats and initiated a rigorous assessment system for all staff which embedded the NC expectations for Maths for all children.  I also completed learning walks, lesson observations and supported staff from both within our Federation and beyond especially with how to assess and improve attainment.

In my role as a Key Stage Lead I worked alongside staff to ensure that they were delivering a meaningful curriculum. I ensured that they were confident in the planning and assessing in subjects.  I supported and mentored new staff and trainees.  I kept them up to date on changes and made sure that the transition of children from Key Stage One to Two was as smooth as possible. I monitored all subjects through book and planning scrutinies as well as learning walks.  I analysed data for each cohort, supporting staff where needed to ensure that all children made progress.

I have been responsible in overseeing the teaching and learning at every level.  I have put together planning and assessment files to ensure consistency at each Key Stage and have delegated responsibilities for key areas to members of SLT.  I have created to a progressive Action Plan for the school which is reviewed each week and alongside this a termly monitoring and evaluation calendar and PDM Schedule base on both the long term and immediate needs of the school.  As a result of working at an outstanding school I understand what this looks like at all levels.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

In my role as SLE I aim to fully support schools in the fore mentioned areas using my expertise both as a teacher and a leader.  I understand a school’s journey from Special Measures right through to Outstanding and know how important it is to set clear and challenging aspirations for all schools, so that all children – whatever their circumstances – can arrive in school ready to succeed.  I would welcome the chance to pass on my knowledge and experience of working within a primary setting to support any school.  I believe that my understanding of the curriculum as a whole, including assessment, and my leadership of raising attainment in Maths would allow a school who needs support in these areas to overcome barriers and ultimately succeed; this is my main reason for becoming a Specialist Leader of Education.