Teri Brown

Teri Brown

Head of School

Current position:

Head of School

Current school:

Carlton Road Academy

Current phase and year group teaching in:

Not applicable

Current leadership responsibility:

Whole school leadership

Area(s) of expertise:

Assessment, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, English, NQT, ITT

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

Having lead English as a subject over the past few years, I have taken a key role in ensuring that all members of staff are up to date and confident when planning, delivering and assessing in light of the revised National Curriculum. I have delivered many PDM sessions and supported staff to ensure that they are well equipped to teach the new requirements. Planning scrutiny checks have shown that staff are confident at planning and teaching lessons that are well matched to the needs of the children, whilst also ensuring the revised curriculum is being covered. Colleagues are also confident at ensuring meaningful links are made to cross curricular areas in order to further develop the English skills that are being taught; this is something that I have lead in order to ensure that writing for meaning is not lost in the attempt to cover the increasing technical focus of writing (SPaG).

Writing assessment moderation meetings have shown that staff are becoming increasingly confident at assessing ‘without levels’. Again, I have lead the changes in assessment across the school and I have overseen and supported staff throughout the transition. As a staff, we are now tracking reading and writing ‘levels’ and are becoming more confident at making judgements to ensure that our assessments are accurate.

Through keeping staff informed of the changes to the teaching and assessment of all aspects of English, I feel that staff feel more comfortable with the various changes and that they are accepting of the support that is offered. Staff regularly seek my help if they are unsure of an aspect of English and I would like to think that they find me proactive, approachable and helpful when offering my assistance.

In addition to supporting staff, I have also lead a ‘push’ on the importance of reading at home. Reading awards have been introduced and children are now reading more frequently at home as a result of this whole school focus. I have also set up and overseen the use of the school library whilst I have been a leader for the subject; again ensuring that the importance of reading is valued within the school.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

After working within my school for a number of years and leading English, I am now looking forward to liaising with a wider range of schools in a supportive role. Developing the teaching of assessing English, as well as supporting others to develop their understanding of the subject is a passion of mine. After inspiring colleagues in my school, I welcome the opportunity to support others. Whether immersed in reading, being creative with writing or discussing the finer points of SPaG, I am eager to offer guidance and assist others in my role as an SLE.

Throughout my leadership role, I have always strived to motivate and inspire my colleagues by the approach I take to imparting new ideas or working practices. I think that by presenting changes and ideas in an interesting way is something that has a greater impact. People are more willing to implement ideas if they can see that they are relevant and if they can be motivated into wanting to trial them. With this in mind, I ensure that training I deliver is interactive and has practical elements to it. I also ensure that resources are provided that will engage staff and make them want to try them out.

In my role as a SLE, I hope to raise the expectations that people have for English (in light of recent National Curriculum changes) and offer support, so that the children in our care are provided with a broad, balanced and exciting English curriculum.