School to School Support

Specialist Leaders of Education (SLE)

What is an SLE?

SLEs are outstanding middle and senior leaders that have the skills to support individuals or teams in similar positions in other schools. They understand what outstanding leadership practise looks like and are skilled in helping other leaders to achieve it in their own context.

The role of the SLE was created to help raise standards and improve the quality of school leadership through school-to-school support and peer-to-peer learning. The designation of SLEs recognises the importance of the role that senior and middle leaders have to play in improving outcomes for our children.

SLEs act as ‘system leaders’ and are trained to be successful through a high-level coaching or facilitation approach that draws on their own personal knowledge and expertise in that area. This may involve a variety of support approaches including diagnostic models and one-to-one or group support. Regardless of the type of support delivered, the ultimate aim of the SLE is to contribute significantly to improving outcomes for children through developing capacity of peer leaders in other schools.

The coaching approach of an SLE to their support means that any development will be collaborative which will assure long-term, sustainable improvement by helping these in-school leaders to develop their own leadership capacity.

The type of work an SLE might be involved with includes:

NQT training, schools twilight CPD, subject network meetings, cluster development, ITT mentoring, behaviour management, one-to-one leadership development, data analysis, core subject delivery, assessment development, moderation.

Recruiting Connect SLEs

Do you have a specialism? Are you passionate about your role in school? Have you been motivating others to develop their expertise? Are you ready to share your knowledge and capability with others? Are you interested in School to School support?
We plan to recruit more individuals to become SLEs – these will be motivated and inspiring practitioners who have at least two years leadership experience. They will have a proven track record of working effectively within either their own school or across a group of schools. And most importantly they will be able to show an impact of where their coaching or engagement has brought about sustainable improvement.

Click here for a printable summary of all the key information.

Summary of the SLE role

Whilst SLEs will be outstanding at what they do, they can come from any school, regardless of their Ofsted grading. However, the Head Teacher and the Chair of Governors must agree that the school has the capacity to release them.

SLEs must meet the strict designation criteria (see link below).

SLEs have expertise in a specific area, for example; maths, early years, inclusion, data analysis or behaviour.

There is no pre-determined commitment for SLE work because models and types of deployment will vary, but on average it could be around 15 days a year.

The school will receive payment for an SLEs deployment.

How do you apply?

Please contact us for an application form or download one here

Application round opens Monday 21st January 2019 and to be returned by Friday 15th February 2019.

Lincolnshire Teaching Schools Together are recruiting for specialist leaders of education this term. Please click here for more details.

Further information about being an SLE

Still have some questions? Download our SLE Recruitment flyer here to find out more.

Ready to begin your application? Read through the Specialist leaders of education: a guide for potential applicant to support your application process or visit the .gov site for further guidance.

Initial Request

A key element of SLE work is building a strong, trusting rapport with the host school from the beginning of the process.

Following an initial enquiry, Helen Joyce, Connect TSA Leader of School to School Support and Partnerships will identify and make contact with a suitable SLE. The SLE will then make contact with you to discuss the specific focus of the support.

An SLE Deployment Agreement, tailored to your specific needs, will be drawn up by your school and the SLE identified.

There is no set model but the support will always focus on the development of sustainable leadership and school improvement.

Please complete an Enquiry Form and contact the administration office of Connect TSA on or
T: 01205 312153 with any initial enquiries.

Deployment Evaluation

The Deployment Agreement will be linked directly to your evaluation which will review the progress achieved during the SLE placement. It will provide evidence to support the impact of each target.

How will an SLE benefit your school?

• SLE support is rooted in current leadership practice and draws on real, relevant experience.
• Support takes place within your own school, with the SLE working alongside staff and taking into account demands on their time.
• It is flexible and bespoke support, adapting to the very specific needs of your school.
• An SLE offers flexible and bespoke support, adapting to the very specific needs of your school.
• An SLE brings a fresh perspective to specific challenges or issues, as well as specialist knowledge and expertise.
• The SLE supports collaborative development.
• An SLE helps to establish long-term, sustainable improvement.
• An SLE will provide specific focus for developing or implementing tangible goals that staff can relate to and engage with.
• The coaching model of support is non-judgemental and will support the on-going development of the school.
• A clearly defined agreement is put into place before deployment based on the particular needs of your school.

Who are our SLEs?

We have a small bank of SLEs already within Connect TSA. Please see below to find out more about our own SLEs and their specific areas of expertise.

Abigail Gray Sutterton Fourfields Primary Early Years, English, Phonics
Bryony Brown Holy Trinity Primary English, ICT, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum,
Cally Stockwell St Thomas’ Primary Assessment, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, Early Years, Phonics, ITT and NQT
Ceri Braybrook Boston West Academy SEN
Charlotte Morris St Thomas’ Primary Leadership of CPD, Physical Education, ITT and NQT
Chris Copeman Whaplode Primary Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, ICT
Christina Gould Staniland Academy Intervention
Claire Hiom Tower Road Academy SEN
Craig Early Wygate Park Academy Science
David Flynn Sibsey Primary Assessment, Leadership of CPD, School business management and finance management, Leadership of Curriculum, ICT, Maths, SEN, ITT and NQT, Behaviour and discipline
Emma Bills Boston West Assessment KS1, Leadership KS1, Maths Primary
Emma Schofield Boston West Academy Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, English, Geography, History, Maths, Science, Behaviour and discipline, Attendance, NQT, ITT, Outdoor learning
Fiona Clarke Tower Road CPD, Maths, Support for most able pupils
Gemma Hodgson Wyberton Assessment KS1, Closing the gap, English
Hayley Kita Carlton Road English, Year 6 KS2 assessment & EAL
Jo Lacey Park Academy Closing the gap, English, ITT, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum
Jo Sharples ST Thomas’ Primary Early Years, ITT, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of the Curriculum, Phonics,
Joe Hawkins Wyberton Assessment KS1, Leadership KS1, Maths Primary
John Slater Monk’s House Primary, Spalding English, Year 6
Karen Webb Tower Road Academy Assessment, English, ITT
Martin Chatterton St Lawrence Leadership of Curriculum, (SEN), ITT & NQT
Peter Knights Staniland Academy Maths
Rachel Sykes Staniland Academy Assessment, Leadership of Curriculum, Maths
Suzie Pell Staniland Academy Behaviour and discipline
Teri Brown Fishtoft Academy Assessment, Leadership of CPD, Leadership of Curriculum, English, NQT, ITT
Tom Baxter Gosberton Academy Maths

Click here to find out more about our current SLEs.

How can I request SLE support?

All SLE deployment is brokered through the Teaching School. It is anticipated that their potential deployment will be foreseen in the whole School Development Plan, and that where possible, they will be used proactively in a developmental, strategic way.

What does the support of an SLE cost?

The day rate of an SLE is £350.00