CPD and Networks

CPD and Networks

Professional Development with Connect TSA

Our ambitious goal strives to the develop quality first teaching for all our children in all of our local schools, all of the time.

Teacher development has moved beyond the workshop model, the best and most innovative teachers do not learn from a ‘sage on a stage’. To that end we are developing a robust, sustainable structure of professional development for teachers within our Alliance.

We offer a range of development for our professional teaching staff from content knowledge and quality teaching, research-based collaboration and peer cluster networking. We involve established educators as well as students in our training which is designed with reference to network identified needs, data-driven identified need and personal evaluation. The individual need is paramount and we are able to tailor our training to a specific setting or individual teacher need.

Our professional development is currently focused on the peer-led cluster and hubs. Specific need is identified through these and subsequent training is sourced and implemented making this a very tailored and personalised development for individual teachers, settings or networks.