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Maths Continuing Professional Development

In addition to the subject leader clusters we are delighted to offer a series of Maths training days covering issues that teachers are facing in the classrooms. Our Maths CPD programme is led by Rachel Sykes.

Rachel Sykes is an experienced primary practitioner who trains, coaches and mentors primary school teachers in all areas of Mathematics across Lincolnshire. She provides high-quality CPD at all levels, on each aspect of the primary mathematics curriculum and is Specialist Leader of Education (SLE) as well as a trained Accelerate Coach. Furthermore, as an experienced SLE, Rachel has delivered specific training for Maths Leaders across the region and has more recently become a Research Champion and Hub Lead for Mobilise Maths and the Lincolnshire Attaining in Maths Project (LAMP).

The training delivered by Rachel focuses on latest research, includingrecommendations from the Educational Endowment Fund (EFF). Emphasis is on developing current practice to raise attainment for all learners through active engagement, promoting mathematical enjoyment and developing teacher subject knowledge. Rachel also works with the Maths Hub and is supporting schools that are part of the TRG network. Rachel has gained a wealth of experience from working in schools ranging from Special Measures to Outstanding. She has led at a variety of levels including Maths Subject Leader, Key Stage Lead, Deputy Head and Acting Head Teacher. Rachel is incredibly passionate about primary mathematics. She believes that all children have the potential to achieve and that the key to this is developing resilience. The building blocks put in place at the beginning of a child’s mathematical journey are essential for success in later-life.

We have selected elements which staff within our Alliance have requested support in as a starting point for our CPD offer. See the table below for full details of training we are offering.

The cluster meetings are the key forum whereby further training needs will be established, so to have your say- come along to the clusters!

Tailored training to your setting is readily available through our SLE and specialist teacher network. If you wish to discuss your needs in more detail please complete an enquiry form in the first instance. You will be contacted by one of our subject experts to discuss your needs in more specific detail.

Maths CPD Summary:





Tuesday15st September 20209am – 12pmNew to Year 2
Tuesday15st September 20201pm – 4pmNew to Year 6
Friday20th November 20209am – 12pmModeration and Assessment Year 2
Friday20th November 20201pm – 4pmModeration and Assessment Year 6
Friday27th November 20209am – 12pmModeration and Assessment Years 1 & 3
Friday27th November 20201pm – 4pmModeration and Assessment Years 4 & 5
Wednesday21th April 20219am – 12pmModeration and Assessment Year 2
Wednesday21th April 20211pm – 4pmModeration and Assessment Year 6
Friday11th June 20219am – 12pmModeration and Assessment Years 1 & 3
Friday11th June 20211pm – 4pmModeration and Assessment Years 4 & 5

Gareth Metcalfe delivers on Maths Wednesday 20th January 2021
Session 1, EYFS & Y1:
Early Number Sense 9am – 12 noon
This training session will outline the challenges that children face in becoming fluent with our number system. We will look at the key knowledge and skills that prepare children for long-term success in maths and consider the route to non-counting calculation. A range of resources and ideas for deepening children’s understanding of number and pattern will be shared.
• To break down key skills within counting and subitizing, as outlined in ‘Development Matters’, for building a strong understanding of number quantity.
• To consider the progression with the use of visual representations, supporting the implementation of EEF Recommendation 3: Using manipulatives and representations to build understanding
• To enable all children to experience success in early mathematics, implementing EEF Recommendation 5: Use high quality targeted support to help all children learn maths

Session 2, Y2:
Fluency in Mathematics 1pm – 4pm
This session will show give a range of practical ideas for how to build understanding in number and calculation, building sequences of lessons that allow children to become fluent whilst reasoning mathematically. We will consider the use of visual representations to show structures and how learning progresses to enable children to build a flexible, abstract understanding of key mathematical ideas.
• To consider the use of visual representations, supporting the implementation of EEF Recommendation 3: Using manipulatives and representations to build understanding, including how visual representations are removed to build conceptual understanding.
• To outwork EEF Recommendation 4: Ensure that teaching builds on what children already know.
• To build sequences of lessons, helping children to build abstract understanding, building on the research outlined in ‘Rosenshine’s Principles in Action’.

Back by popular demand – Lesson Design by Kat Finch 24th March 2021 9.15am – 12.15pm
Kat Finch has supported the delivery of LAMP for the last 2 years with huge success. This session has been credited with completely redirecting maths in the SDP and ensuring a clear balance between fluency, problem solving and reasoning in lessons.
This training will support the implementation of the EEF Recommendations ‘Use assessment to build on pupils’ existing knowledge and understanding’ and ‘Use tasks and resources to challenge and support pupils’ mathematics’ from Improving Mathematics in Key Stages 2 and 3 and also EEF Recommendations ‘Develop practitioners understanding of how children learn mathematics’ and ‘Ensure that teaching builds on what children already know’ from Improving Mathematics Early Years to Key Stage 1.
• Teachers will gain a clear understanding of the 6 part Maths lesson and how this can be adapted to suit their school needs
• Teach will know how to pre-empt misconceptions and how to deal with them when they arise
• Teachers will understand what ‘Mastery Maths’ means

How do I book a place on a cluster or course?

For further information or to book a place at any of our events simply email us at enquiries@connect-tsa.net, ring 01205 312153 or click on the button below