Leadership Development

Subject Leader Development – Creating Effective Subject Champions

Listening to our Alliance members and the wider community Connect understands the desire for high quality training and guidance around subject leadership. The need to effectively devise, deliver and articulate an ambitious curriculum will require knowledgeable and highly competent leaders. Do you have staff who, with support, have the potential to demonstrate excellence as subject leaders to develop others and apply the principles of their school’s curriculum design to their subject?

The focus will be the key elements of subject leadership with the target audience being foundation subject leaders. This is aimed at supporting those on the ground with highly practical, day to day relevant information, guidance, advice and strategy that can be of instant benefit to the individual involved. It will be underpinned by the latest Ofsted framework, evidence based practice and will prepare your teachers for the deep dives to come. We want the training to have instant take aways that can instil confidence and enhance practice.

The structure would be:

Session 1 Leadership and planning a curriculum Roles and responsibilities, subject policy, evidence based approach for professional development, action planning

Session 2 Progression –bespoke to curriculum areas Curricular progression, pedagogy, rationale, resourcing, visioning using EEF guidance, embedding the subject in the curriculum, enrichme

Session 3 Monitoring, evaluating and assessment Effective monitoring linked to Action Plans, the review cycle, assessment, promoting your subject

Session 4 The deep dive experience Pupil interviews using the EIF, Quality Assurance and case studies, having the conversation, managing change

There would be GAP tasks and follow up contact between each session to ensure momentum is maintained and supported. Those taking part would also be part of a newly created Foundation Subject Leader network which would be facilitated by Connect.

To find out more please contact enquiries@connect-tsa.net