Cally Stockwell

Cally Stockwell

Assistant Head Teacher

Current position:  Assistant Headteacher

Current school: St Thomas’ CE Primary School

Great Oaks Federation

Current phase and year group teaching in:  Year 2 teacher

Current leadership responsibility:

EYFS and Key Stage One Leader

Assistant Headteacher

Subject leader coach

Parental engagement Leader

EAL leader


Area (s) of expertise:


KEY Stage One


NQT mentor


Improving parental relationships



Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: (max 300 words)

I have a breath of experience including leading phonics throughout the school, I have been a NQT mentor for five years and am passionate about working with staff to provide support and developmental actions to ensure all staff can strive to meet their potential.

I have taught Year Two teacher for the last three years and have developed the curriculum in a variety of ways to support these children with the ever-growing expectations.   Within this I have analysed data and provided workshops for parents.

I have taught EYFS for 6 years, within this time I have also completed by Early Years Status qualification.  In my current school I have progressed from EYFS Manager to Leader.  In 2012, the school came out of special measures and EYFS was no longer a key priority and came out with good with many elements of outstanding.  I have extensive knowledge of the types of learning experiences children need to be given within EYFS but also am able to ensure the correct strategies are utilized when considering external factors such as the schools development plans, budget, staff and creating an environment which support children and their families.  For example some schools require formal structured learning and play as some schools suited to child initiated learning.  Over the years I have provided a range of training opportunities for staff involving assessment, provision, formal learning and safeguarding.  Over the years I have developed our tracking and assessment strategies to ensure they show achievement and progress as well as outline the specific gaps.  I am able to analysis data efficiently and notice patterns and trends.  I am keen t work with experienced and new leaders and provide coaching and mentoring to support these practitioners ensure they are creating secure foundations for children’s educational journey.


Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment: (150 words)

My passion is working with staff to support colleagues in creating a place for children they grow and flourish but also to ensure staff are also developing and have clear visions of their own, knowing their next steps and support making their future career plans possible by providing coaching and mentoring.  I would welcome the opportunity to support teachers, leaders and SLT when trying to develop EYFS and Key Stage one.  I truly believe that EYFS needs to be secure if children are to make progress and be ready for school. EYFS is sometimes seen as a burden within schools, but I love working with people to establish the understanding that EYFS is the foundation for the child’s development and the teachers within EYFS and Key Stage One are extremely fortunate and also need to be outstanding practitioners.  As an SLE I am looking forward to providing rapid solutions for the short term but also creating the possibilities of a long term plan and continuous development.