Helen Boole

Helen Boole

Class Teacher

SLE NAME: Helen Boole
Current position: Class TeacherCurrent school: Holy Trinity C of E Primary School, Tattershall

Current phase and year group teaching in: Key Stage 2, Year 5/6


Current leadership responsibility:

PSHE and Improving Teaching and Assessment in RE

Area (s) of expertise:

PSHE including SRE, Drug Education, Financial Capability and Mental Health

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: (max 300 words)


I am passionate about PSHE education for all children, and that all pupils should receive good quality and up-to-date teaching. I have been a teacher for 15 years, and I have been the PSHE subject lead for most of them. I have worked in over 5 different school all over the country, from small primary schools, to very large junior schools, and have worked to improve the teaching of PSHE in all of them.


Most recently, I have worked with colleagues in my current school, to ensure coverage and progression from Early Years up to Year 6. I have led CPD sessions where I have advised colleagues on content, strategies and resources and am currently leading CPD on issues such as mental health and wellbeing and SRE.


I am a member of the PSHE Association member insight group, where I support organisations such NSPCC, BBFC and 5Rights to produce good quality PSHE resources.


I am currently undertaking the NPQML where I am going to be working on improving the teaching and assessment of RE throughout my school.






Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment: (150 words)


I am looking forward to using the skills that I have learnt during my career and coaching other professionals and developing my own professional development. I believe that we can all learn from each other, and I understand the difficulties and barriers that we can all face at times. I am excited to meet new people and to work together to improve teaching and learning for all children.