Christina Gould

Christina Gould

Class teacher

Current position:

Class teacher

Current school:

Staniland Academy

Current phase and year group teaching in:

Year 5

Current leadership responsibility:

Intervention Lead for SLT

Area(s) of expertise:

Intervention and English as an Additional Language

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

As Intervention Leader within our Academy, I monitor and assess interventions across the school. I support all teaching staff, identify suitable interventions and monitor teaching assistant’s delivery. In turn, this has empowered staff to feel confident in delivering and assessing targeted interventions in the classroom.

A recent challenge is introducing a new Intervention monitoring and recording system to the school that will allow provision maps, learning plans and SEN information to be in one place. This will enable teachers to monitor and assess how much intervention and support a child is receiving throughout their primary education. I am training staff to use the system through PDM sessions. This will present a new challenge to the staff and to assist them I hope the training package and my ongoing support will allow them to embrace new practices. The impact this practice will have on the school is by having this wide range of critical information on one system, in one electronic location, it will be easier to locate for all members of staff. It will also enable Senior Leaders and SENDCO to easily track what interventions are being carried out, who is receiving them and how much money is spent on a range of support.

The mix of training, coaching and mentoring that I deliver staff in the role of Intervention Lead ensures that staff are confident to effectively use tools that will assist us as school leaders to target the use of teaching staff and resources for the most effective solutions for all our children’s learning.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

I am inspired to participate in system leadership by the opportunity to help support others within the profession I love. Throughout my teaching career I have always felt supported and been given opportunities to learn from experienced and knowledgeable practitioners. I strongly believe in sharing good practice with other teachers and schools as this not only impacts the adult and their school but undoubtedly the quality of the teaching that is delivered to our next generation. I am passionate about ensuring that all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential, particularly those with specific needs.

My experience has shown that I am able to successfully identify groups that require specific interventions, share with teacher’s ideas and planning for timely intervention and then share inclusive practices that will have a positive impact on those children’s learning.

As an SLE I will be continuing to develop my own leadership qualities which will undoubtedly, positively impact on my own practice. I enjoy working alongside a variety of professionals and feel that this role would allow me to further develop as a leader at the same time sharing my own experience with a wider audience.