Craig Early

Craig Early

Head of Academy

Current position:

Head of Academy

Current school:

Wygate Park Academy

Current phase and year group teaching in:

Not Applicable

Current leadership responsibility:

Head of Academy

Area(s) of expertise:

Science, Leadership of curriculum, Leadership of CPD, Assessment.

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

  • PhD in organic Chemistry and led Science at a large primary school for 7 years.
  • During that time led the total overhaul of Science curriculum, provision, assessment and profile within the school.
  • Led the school through consecutive PSQM Silver and Gold Awards.
  • Planned/delivered several workshops and training days for ASE, STEM Learning in York and the PSTT (Primary Science Teaching Trust)
  • Worked with subject leaders on 1:1 basis and whole schools on school to school support.
  • Won Primary Science Teacher of The Year Award in 2014 and became a College Fellow for the PSTT Trust.
  • Have written materials for ASE, Teachit Primary, BBC Bitesize and the RSC
  • Currently sitting on the RSC Curriculum & Assessment Review Group.
  • About to undertake an M.Phil in Primary Science Education at Lincoln University

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

To create enthusiasm and passion for a subject that many schools overlook, either through lack of confidence in staff to plan and teach effective Science provision, to it being “pushed out” by other subjects. Through bespoke support, more children will have access to an excellent Science curriculum in school, and develop the inquisitiveness and critical thinking skills, so we can inspire the next generation of scientists!