Emma Bills

Emma Bills

Class Teacher, Teaching and Learning Leader

Current position:

Class Teacher, Teaching and Learning Leader

Current school:

Boston West Academy

Current phase and year group teaching in:

Year 2

Current leadership responsibility:

Teaching and Learning Leader, Mathematics Leader, KS1 Coordinator

Area(s) of expertise:

Mathematics (whole primary phase)

KS1 curriculum and assessment

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: 

As a Teaching and Learning Leader with responsibility for Maths, I have developed an in depth understanding of the mathematics curriculum and have been responsible for developing the subject across the school. In August 2016, I had the opportunity to visit Singapore, alongside other leaders from across the UK. This experience has had a hugely positive impact upon my passion to provide children with the best mathematical learning opportunities possible. It also gave me a greater understanding of mastery methodology and the principles which underpin these approaches. Whilst maintaining the aspects of Maths teaching which have been working effectively to raise standards in my own school, I have supported colleagues to incorporate many mastery elements into their teaching. This has had an extremely positive impact upon children’s attitudes towards the subject and has resulted in improved outcomes, especially for lower attaining pupils. Through regular monitoring of pupil progress, I identify areas of need which are addressed through the use of targeted interventions. These include coaching or lesson modelling, working with groups of pupils, supporting teachers with planning or leading whole staff CPD.

Whilst I have taught all year groups from Foundation Stage to Year 4, the majority of my career has been in KS1, including working as a KS1 Manager prior to my current role. I have a great deal of knowledge of the Key Stage 1 curriculum and assessment procedures and I am always keen to support other teachers with teaching, learning and assessment in these year groups.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment:

I strongly believe that working collaboratively to share good practice, within and between schools, is an extremely effective way to improve teaching and learning, which consequently raises standards. As an SLE I am keen to work with colleagues in other settings to support improvements, through appropriately targeted support, which will ultimately have a positive impact upon outcomes for the children in their schools. I have a great amount of knowledge and experience in my areas of expertise that I look forward to sharing with others. Providing school to school support will also give me the opportunity to develop my own leadership skills too, which is exciting.