Jo Sharples

Jo Sharples


LLE NAME:  Jo Sharples
Current position:  Headteacher

Current school: St Thomas’ CE Primary Academy


Current phase and year group teaching in:  NA

Current leadership responsibility: Teaching and Learning, Designated Safeguarding Lead


Area (s) of expertise: Leadership, Curriculum, EYFS and KS1, Assessment, Phonics



Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: (max 300 words)


Since obtaining my teaching degree from Leeds in 1999, I have extensive experience of the Primary field, teaching from Nursery to Y6 with a passion for the Early Years.  I have been fortunate enough to build my leadership experience in contrasting settings, from small village schools to inner city schools both locally and internationally.  I have been fortunate to work in challenging schools and those on their journey out of difficulty, which has equipped me with a vast array of strategies and extensively developed my understanding of school improvement, with good outcomes.


Having held varying leadership positions, I value the journey that I have had from class teacher through to senior leadership- experiencing many other roles; from subject leader, Key Stage Leader, Assistant Head teacher to Assessment and Curriculum lead to more specialized roles such as SENCO, Safeguarding lead, coach, mentor and currently Local Leader of Education.  All of these roles have been significant in developing my leadership capability and I frequently draw on my experiences to lead with determination and hope.


I have held the position of Head of School at St Thomas’ Primary Academy since September 2012, SLE from June 2017 and LLE from July 2019.



Personal ambition statement for LLE deployment: (150 words)


One of the key aspects of school improvement that I most value is the opportunity to collaborate with others and create a can-do methodology, in even the most challenging situations.  I enjoy asking questions and remaining positive about what is possible from any starting point.  Nurturing the talent and passion embodied by our colleagues to improve and deliver the very best, securing the best possible school experience for our children.