Lizi Stretton

Lizi Stretton

Literacy leader and year 4/5 class teacher

SLE NAME: Lizi Stretton
Current position: Literacy leader and year 4/5 class teacherCurrent school: Pioneers Academy
Current phase and year group teaching in: Key Stage 2- year 4/5
Current leadership responsibility:  Literacy and Phonics lead
Area (s) of expertise: KS1 literacy and Early Years

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: (max 300 words)

I have been teaching for the past six years and have worked in three different schools in Lincolnshire during this time.  I have been fortunate enough to be EYFS lead in this time, developing provision to give children the best start to school and supporting colleagues in improving their continuous provision to promote learning opportunities.  I have also been

Key Stage One lead, where I was responsible for implementing a new phonics scheme, devising and adapting a new assessment system for phonics and supporting colleagues in improving their teaching of Literacy.  More recently I have been Literacy leader where I have been responsible for raising the profile of reading in my school and continuing to improve outcomes for children in literacy.  As part of my role I attend the LEAP research project and lead on this back in school and have previously been part of Mobilise.  I also have experience of mentoring undergraduate teachers, SCITT  students and newly qualified teachers on their successful journey into teaching.

Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment: (150 words)

Throughout my own career, I have been fortunate enough to have received excellent support from other staff which has inspired me to support others.  I have enjoyed working alongside staff at my own school to create a love of learning and I hope that from being an SLE I can support others with my passion to raise outcomes for pupils.  I believe that from being an SLE hopefully not only can I help other’s to improve their practice but it will help me to continue to develop my knowledge and skills as a leader.