Jacob Perrin

Jacob Perrin

English Lead

SLE NAME:  Jacob Perrin
Current position: Class teacher, English Lead.Current school: Park Academy
Current phase and year group teaching in: Year 6 (10-11 years)
Current leadership responsibility: English Lead
Area (s) of expertise: English as an Additional Language

Background/experience of leadership in subject/area of expertise: (max 300 words)


As current English lead for our Academy, I am responsible for ensuring pupils make consistently good (or better) progress in reading and writing. As such, I regularly look to identify areas for development so that all pupils can make progress. Language acquisition is one integral part of this and can often be challenging for professionals to accommodate and feel confident in.


Last year, I worked alongside other professionals with the BELL Foundation to develop a clear understanding of language proficiency and its impact on learners accessing the curriculum. During this time, I was responsible for leading CPD sessions on EAL learners including sessions on Differentiation, Comprehensible English and Assessment Frameworks for EAL learners. Recently, I gained a silver level accreditation with the Foundation.


Furthermore, I have also worked with Newly Qualified Teachers to help educate new staff on the importance of EAL learners and implemented classroom strategies that positively impact on EAL pupils’ development of language, especially in Key Stage 2. This has involved providing quality 1 on 1 coaching, planning workshops and working collaboratively with others to ensure that good classroom practice is shared. In addition, I have also worked with our Teaching School to develop resources for our EAL portal, designed to help schools adapt to changes within this area.


Recently, I have begun work on the EAL Pathway through Connect and the Language for Results Project from the Bell Foundation, designed to audit school provision and plan in manageable steps to support schools in this area of learning.















Personal ambition statement for SLE deployment: (150 words)


Since beginning my career in the Boston area, I have always had a keen interest in English as an Additional Language and the process of language acquisition. I am passionate about teaching and always look to ensure that first quality teaching occurs within my classroom in our school.


My motivation to take on the role of SLE stems from the challenges we often face in relation to EAL. With this in mind, I hope to actively participate in developing strategies and processes that can be implemented to support children in accessing the curriculum so that EAL learner’s outcomes are in no way limited or capped.


I look forward to working with other professionals in this area and hope to continually develop my own knowledge and understanding of language and ultimately, share good EAL practice so that all children within our settings can succeed.