Our Alliance

Who is Connect Teaching School Alliance?

Connect Teaching School Alliance is a partnership of South and East Lincolnshire schools in and around the Boston, Spalding and Skegness area. Within our expanding network of local schools we all share the skills, experience and talent to support the learning and achievement of the children within our local schools.

Whilst we have a very specific local knowledge of our schools and their children, we are able to provide the national knowhow to build confidence and expertise in the classroom to develop first class provision for all our children.

The Alliance is based at Staniland Academy in Boston where we offer strategic leadership and co-ordination as well as monitoring and quality assurance of alliance activities and expertise.

As an Alliance we are proud to share a firm commitment to outstanding teaching and learning within our schools. Our core values of trust and inclusion are shared within the Alliance to ensure we develop happy, balanced and forward thinking children of the future.

Working with associate partners including other teaching schools, universities and colleges we are actively involved in delivering our School Direct Initial Teacher Training programme.

We welcome and encourage all local schools to get involved with everything that we do and we are very excited about our future responding to the new expectations of our dynamic and evolving educational system.