Our Alliance

Becoming a Member

Benefits of Membership

We warmly welcome new members to our Alliance, we are offering an inclusive membership to encourage the engagement of all local schools into the further development of their Teaching School.

All schools that join do so as a member school, membership fee for the year 2020-2021 has been tiered in response to Member feedback:

150 pupils or fewer: £150
151 to 250 pupils: £250
251 pupils or greater: £350

Alliance member schools will have expressed an active interest in the work of the Teaching School but may not have the capacity or desire to contribute significantly to all aspects of the Alliance’s work. We anticipate that an Alliance school will work collaboratively to their available capacities to achieve the aims and objectives of the Teaching School.

Member schools will have the opportunity to engage equally within the variety of projects, courses and training that we develop through the year.

Members of Connect TSA will benefit from:

• Headteacher working meetings and briefing events
• Your staff being invited to become facilitators for the Alliance.
• High quality support provided by designated Specialist Leaders of Education, Local and National Leaders of education
• Subject Leader cluster meetings in: Maths, English, Science, Phonics and Early Years.
• A range of CPD opportunities for your staff at discounted rates for member schools.
• Teacher twilight events at no cost
• NQT local network events
• Opportunities for input into ITT selection
• Opportunity to host our School Direct ITT students
• Opportunities for staff to join our SLE network
• The use of good practice and expertise of the Alliance to build capacity in your own school.

By joining your Alliance you will be:

• Supporting the improvement of the quality of teaching in our local schools
• Supporting the provision of a consistent supply of high quality new teachers through our ITT and NQT network
• Contributing to the development of outstanding school leaders
• Empowering schools to improve and further develop through the collaboration and sharing of expertise

By joining your Alliance your impact will be seen:

• Improving the quality of teaching and learning throughout our local schools
• Increasing the performance of local schools
• Contributing to the Department of Education’s drive to create a self-improving and sustainable education system.