Our Alliance

Our Aims and Objectives

The Alliance aims to create a trusting, inclusive and productive partnership which will lead to the improvement in teaching, learning and improved outcomes for pupils across all schools within the Teaching School Alliance.

The Alliance will utilise the expertise from schools within the alliance to support and improve the quality of teaching and learning, the experience of students engaged in initial teacher training and improve the outcomes for pupils within identified schools from across the region.
The Teaching School Alliance will work together to contribute to, develop and improve:

• Initial Teacher Training
• Newly Qualified Teacher Induction
• Continuous Professional Development
• Talent Management and Leadership Development
• Research and Innovation
• School to School Support

This will be achieved by:

• A culture of inclusion, openness, honesty and trust.
• Access to a wider range of professional support and development for TAs, support staff, teachers, senior leaders and Head Teachers.
• A willingness to engage in research and development.
• Sharing of effective and innovative practice.
• A deep partnership with LTSA (SCITT), Lincoln University School of Education and Bishop Grosseteste University to ensure high quality experiences for students engaging in initial teacher training.
• Recruitment, retention and effective deployment of talented staff.
• Improved leadership development opportunities.
• A rigorous process of quality assurance.