Maths Teacher Research Group

Maths Mastery Teacher Research Group

• The TRG provides an opportunity for schools to engage in high-quality, sustained, collaborative professional development and participate in an important national project
• Six primary schools work collaboratively to develop six exemplar lessons, one in every year group from 1 – 6
• During this process they collaboratively plan a lesson, observe the lesson being taught and then discuss and refine the lesson before re-teaching it

Who leads the group?

Each Maths Hub has recruited four primary Mastery Specialists. This year, each Mastery Specialist is developing teaching mathematics for mastery in their school. In addition to this, they will work collaboratively with teachers from other schools in pilot Teacher Research Groups (TRGs) between January and June 2016.

Each TRG is led by a Mastery Specialist and involve ten teachers. There are two teachers from each of five other schools, with one of each pair being the subject leader. The TRG meets on four occasions, normally at the Mastery Specialist’s school. A TRG meeting will normally include a pre-lesson discussion; lesson observation, and post-lesson discussion and will last a half-day. 

Who is it for?

Mathematics teachers from primary schools who are aiming to improve and get involved in improving the teaching and learning of maths.

What are the intended outcomes?

By the end of the project this training will be cascaded into schools and the TRGs will develop further lessons in their participating schools.

Results and resources will be shared through the Maths Hub network to all local, participating Maths Lead Teachers.



LTT and the Mobilise Project

LTT is delighted to have been commissioned to deliver the Mobilise Project on behalf of the Lincolnshire Learning Partnership.  The work of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) should be fundamental to school improvement in schools implementing evidence based improvements to practice and driving improvements in teaching, learning and outcomes for children.   We are pioneering a truly new way of working: Lincolnshire wants to be a leader in delivering sector-led improvement, at scale, and by making use of evidence based research.

The LTT steering group for the project consists of LTSA, Keystone, Kyra, Equate, Connect and Learn Teaching Schools.

The Implementation group comprises Kyra, Equate and Learn, with Kyra being the Lead Teaching School for the Project.

We are delivering the project in conjunction with the Education Endowment Foundation, in particular working closely with Johnathan Sharples, Rob Webster and Frankie Sulke.  Sheffield Hallam University will evaluate the findings of the campaign in relation to scale up and the implementation of research.

Mobilise … the evidence, the workforce, the impact. 

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