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Bespoke SEN support provided by our SLEs
SENCO coaching around The Graduated Approach and requesting EHCPs

We are working in partnership with the LEARN Teaching School special SEND training providers, to offer a practical guide to successfully creating a truly inclusive classroom in mainstream school settings. This engaging session will equip participants with ways of thinking and planning for the inclusion of all pupils within the curriculum.

Connect Teaching School Alliance are able to provide the following support around SEN:

SEND TRAINING SESSION – Creating an inclusive classroom
Friday 23rd October 2020 @ Connect TSA

* To clarify understanding of what special educational need is, and what it is not.
* To begin to understand some of the cognitive processes involved in learning, and what they might look like in
* To understand a range of practical teaching and learning strategies that enable all learners to achieve in
mainstream lessons.
* To appreciate some of the reasonable adjustments that might be made to enable access to the curriculum.
* To critically evaluate some of the components of an inclusive lesson, and the strategies that might be

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